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A tile based puzzler based on the concept of mixing jam of different colours, all with different properties. Mixes can reveal combinations of previous colours or even brand new properties.  Experiment and learn how the right mixes can help you. To get the antennas working again, the maintenance bots have to feed the generators  jam, and connect it with the antenna's switchboard. 

This game was made as a part of the Game Maker's Toolkit Jam in 48 hours, where the theme was dual purpose design. Here the three jam colour primitives solve different problems and have different usages, depending on their combination. Jam is used as fuel as well as for connecting generators. 

This was a collaboration between https://skelpdar.itch.io/, who did the programming and https://alkuuda.itch.io/, who was responsible for the graphics.


Jammed.zip 15 MB

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